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Our Mission Statement

At JAH RISE, Inc. our mission is to establish a community presence, utilizing outreach programs for disenfranchised groups supporting their essential needs, as well as making provisions for vocation based programs and referrals to relevant partners to build skills and encourage personal development for persons with disabilities, at-risk youth and their families, along with coaching and mentoring initiatives, so as to produce well rounded citizens and positive contributors to society.

Our Vision

We at JAH RISE, Inc. believe in a community that is secure and that actively supports the youth and their families, the disabled and disadvantaged. A solution-focused community with effective communication and decision-making processes will unite to become enriched and resilient, working to serve each other generously and diligently. We undertake to use tailor-made delivery systems and referrals using established partnerships, to fill gaps in community services by:

  • Striving to ensure the most essential needs are provided for when persons are unable to do so themselves, utilizing accessible resources to ease this deprivation and enabling survival. 
  • Providing opportunities for all young persons to develop and access their hidden potential to become visionaries.
  • Strengthening family units to become the foundation for their youth, developing their resilience and resourcefulness.
  • Recognizing and developing the skills and abilities of disabled persons, despite their personal limitations.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has seriously impacted on how we can deliver our services for the foreseeable future. Adherence with guidance on social distancing means we are unable to perform the majority of our face-to-face activities, and so we have adapted to remote delivery of some services. These are indicated on our website. JAH RISE, Inc. has however maintained a focus on our clients’ most essential needs, and the nature of some of our community services reflects this. Where face-to-face interaction is necessary our representatives and volunteers will adhere to the strictest measures of social distancing and wear personal protective equipment both for their safety and the safety of the clients we serve.
Our COVID-19 Response