Devon Dassaw

Devon Dassaw

Devon serves as our Chief Information Officer and Community Liaison. 

Outside of the organization Devon is a web specialist who helps individuals and groups to establish an online presence and to extend their global reach using industry-standard websites and online resources.

Before starting a business a web specialist (Devonaire Designs), Devon studied web design for 2 years and worked as a web developer and a web consultant. After a successful career helping entrepreneurs, entertainers, Churches, local and national companies, Devon now advises, trains and coaches clients on how to establish their own online presence and utilize online resources to get a return on their investment cut costs and expand their technological proficiency.

When not consulting or developing, Devon enjoys DJing parties, singing and acting in film and theater.

Devon is available for your web development projects and private consultations. He also is the founder and developer of a blog/portfolio site

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has seriously impacted on how we can deliver our services for the foreseeable future. Adherence with guidance on social distancing means we are unable to perform the majority of our face-to-face activities, and so we have adapted to remote delivery of some services. These are indicated on our website. JAH RISE has however maintained a focus on our clients’ most essential needs, and the nature of some of our community services reflects this. Where face-to-face interaction is necessary our representatives and volunteers will adhere to the strictest measures of social distancing and wear personal protective equipment both for their safety and the safety of the clients we serve.
Our COVID-19 Response